Advanced degree in Economics and policies for the regional development and business

The advanced degree in Economics and Policies for the Region and Enterprise focusses on developing paths towards regional development, with particular reference to Alpine zones.

Students progress along the lines of classic managerial topics: administration, direction and oversight, strategy and enterprise organization, production, marketing and finance.

Coursework further promotes the ability to analyse public policy concerning both micro- and macroeconomics, law, social relations, language and cultural heritage.

In each subject, specific analyses applied to alpine contexts are contextualized within the exposition of a general purview.

The degree course is designed specifically:

  • to convey advanced understanding of economics and business, law, culture and society
  • to examine regional perspectives on relations between private enterprise and its stakeholders, in view of varying scales of operation, be they local, regional or global
  • to provide the ability, in terms of knowledge and methods, to fill managerial roles for the administration and corporate governance of both publicly owned and private entities, as well as to pursue professional careers in economics
  • to develop, within the range of subjects covered in the degree programme, functional levels of fluency in at least two EU languages other than Italian

The admissions application for the 2018/2019 academic year can be downloaded here