The Head of Department

Prof. Marco Alderighi
The Head of Department is elected with a three year renewable mandate by all of the Department’s tenured professors and researchers.
The Head of Department:
  1. convenes and presides over the Board of Department and the Departmental Committee;
  2. executes decisions made by the Board of Department and Departmental Committee;
  3. accounts for the administration and finances of the Department;
  4. is a de jure member of the University Senate for the duration of the mandate;
  5. adopts the relevant measures of the Board of Department and the Departmental Committee in case of urgent need;
  6. can delegate specific competences and assignments to the Deputy Head of Department;
  7. sends the annual report on research results prepared by the Board of Department to the Evaluation Centre, University Senate and University Council;
  8. names the Course Co-ordinators from the Course Committees;
  9. names the members of the joint Teaching Panel;
  10. names the representatives of the untenured professors;
  11. performs all the other duties as stated in the University regulations.