Through a number of different procedures according to specific needs, the Guidance service aims to provide valid support to all those who are personally involved in making choices and preparing plans for their own professional and educational career.

There are three main stages where guidance support may be seen as particularly useful:
  • at the end of secondary school, before and while making one’s choice of university;
  • throughout one’s university career;
  • at the end of one’s university course before entering the world of employment.
The first and third phases are usually defined as “moments of transition” and are those times when a person pays particular attention to anyone (friends, parents, relatives, mass media,…) who might be able to help and guide them in their decision-making process.
The second is a “static” moment, though a time of development, when a person may feel the need to get support regarding particular doubts or choices (the structure of the course, the choice of curriculum,…).