Online Services and wifi

Some services are available online for Università della Valle d’Aosta students:

·       MYUNIVDA Intranet
An online space for limited access online services, such as the notice board and detailed guides to the online services listed below.
·       Email
Email account
·       Self-service password reset
Register here for the self-service password reset software.
·       Segreteria online
Online space for didactic services, divided into a public area, where users can access courses, course description and relevant timetables for example, and a limited access area where students can see their own study path and perform administrative tasks such as registering for exams, presenting study plans or downloading study material published by professors.
·       Library catalogue
Search for and reserve books from the University library.
·       AlmaLaurea
AlmaLaurea is a service that publishes online the curricula of graduates from different Italian universities, acting as a bridge between graduates, universities and businesses.
·       Knowledge Forum
Collaborative web space that aims to develop research communities and collaborative learning between students and teachers. Online courses are blended, meaning that distance learning is integrated with on-site learning.
Local network services 
This service allows students to use all workstations, software and printers available at the computer rooms.
The wireless network service gives students, teaching and administrative staff of the Università della Valle d’Aosta free access to web services through their mobile devices and smartphones.
The access guide for current students is available for download below.