The University Language Centre

Have you been to the ULC?

The University Language Centre (U.L.C.) is an internal organisation of the Università della Valle d’Aosta, established to promote knowledge of foreign languages and to improve activity and research in language teaching.

The U.L.C. aims to encourage learning – personalised where possible – of foreign languages.
The multimedia language lab is open to anybody who wishes to use the computer and multimedia equipment to improve, develop or refine their language skills through language courses or self-study.

Reflection on language teaching
Alongside language teaching, over time the U.L.C. aims to develop scientific reflections on the themes of teaching foreign languages and how they function. This will include theoretical study, starting from the notions of bilingualism and plurilingualism, both of which characterise the Val d’Aosta context. To this end, the U.L.C. promotes and supports conventions and study days held at the Università della Valle d’Aosta and aimed at developing research in the areas mentioned above.