Tutoring is a service aimed at providing students with guidance and assistance throughout their studies, at making them take an active part in their learning process, at removing any obstacles that hinder their regular attendance at courses, also through initiatives based on each individual’s needs and aptitudes.

The tutoring services collaborate with the bodies that support the right to study and with the student representative bodies, contributing towards the overall cultural and educational needs of the students and their purposeful participation in university life.
The tutors’ duties are to:
  • provide information on degree course as well as their key contents, learning objectives, the basic skills required to follow particular lectures and study methods;
  • assist students with the preparation of their personal curriculum;
  • help students in the choice of a specialisation;
  • support students in activities associated with internships and placements;
  • facilitate students in choosing the topic and preparing their final dissertations;
  • monitor students’ progress.