Loans services are available to the students, research assistants, teaching and administrative staff of the Università della Valle d’Aosta.

To register for the loan service, users must come to the library in person presenting their university identity card card issued by the University and fill in the appropriate form.
Students and administrative staff may simultaneously take out up to 3 books for 30 days (loans can be extended for a further 15 days) and 1 audio-visual item (CD, DVD, audiotape, video) for 7 days (can be extended for 4 days); they may also take out up to 3 issues of periodicals, excluding the latest issue, for a period of 4 days, non-renewable. Teaching staff, research assistants and final year and postgraduate students may simultaneously take out up to 6 books for 30 days (loans can be extended for a further 30 days) and 2 audio-visual items for 7 days (can be extended for 7 days); they may also take out up to 6 issues of periodicals, excluding the latest issue, for a period of 4 days, non-renewable.
Requests for renewal must be made before the item due date and not before half the loan period has passed (i.e. after 15 days for books and after 3 days for audio-visual items).
Items can only be renewed once and as long as no other users have requested the item.
Items can be returned in person or through a reliable person. Books – or any other item taken out on loan – can also be returned when the library is closed to the Return BOX located in front of the Library entrance.
Should items be returned late, users will be suspended from loans and request and booking services for as long as the item was overdue (including holidays).
Registered users may reserve books out on loan and request available books. In the first case, staff will inform the user on the day the book becomes available, who will then have 4 days to take it out on loan. In the second case, the requested book, located on the shelving, will be reserved for 4 days, starting from the date of request.
Reservations and requests can be made online using the login details issued by the Library upon registration or via email or telephone, or at the issue desk to reserve books out on loan.
Reference-only materials, such as dictionaries and encyclopaedias, are not available for loan as a rule. These documents can be taken out on internal loan, which allows the user to take materials not authorised for borrowing outside of the Library (but remaining within the University). In this case, items must be returned the same day.


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