Loan guidelines for individual issues

Up to three journal issues can be taken out on loan at the same time, with the exception of the last issue received. The loan lasts 4 days and cannot be renewed. This does not apply to the magazine ‘Speak Up’, for learning English, which by its nature can be taken out on loan for 7 days, non-renewable. Teaching staff and final year students can take up to 6 issues out at the same time, but still for a maximum of 4 days, non-renewable.

Users may request individual issues, including the latest, for internal loan (they must therefore be returned by closing time, but can be taken to other locations within the University) in order to photocopy articles of interest. Please be reminded that current law allows no more than 15% of the pages of any book or magazine to be reproduced for personal use (for example, a maximum of 15 pages can be photocopied from a book of 100 pages, a maximum of 6 from a magazine of 40 pages and so on).