Location of periodicals

Journals are located in the periodicals room, which can be accessed through the double doors at the back of the main Library room; they are arranged in the appropriate display racks to the rear of the room and ordered by faculty and in alphabetical order by title within each faculty (this does not include articles: ‘The American Historical Review’ will be located under the letter ‘A’ and not ‘T’). The issue on display, i.e. the last received by the Library, cannot be taken out on loan but is for reference only. Lift the metallic bracket that holds the latest issue to access previous issues of the magazine. If the volume is too large to be held in the display rack, the latest issue will also be located in the appropriate compartment, which can be accessed by lifting the metal bracket. The previous issues of some journals occupy two adjacent compartments: the year’s issues contained in each compartment are normally marked on the lower edge. The older issues of journals with larger collections are located on the last metal shelves in the periodicals section, in alphabetical order by title (with no division by faculty).

The first two metal shelves hold the old issues of journals that the Library no longer subscribes to. The upper shelves hold the old issues of magazines that were donated to the Library and have not been catalogued. A list of the different periodicals according to their disposition on the shelves hangs on the side of the shelves, near the emergency exit.
Some journals, especially various annals from other Universities, have been catalogued as monographs; in this case they are found on the shelves alongside the other volumes, ordered according to the Dewey Decimal Classification.