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The Università della Valle d’Aosta buildings

Lectures take place in Aosta (Strada Cappuccini) and in Saint-Christophe (Grand Chemin).


Strada Cappuccini, 2/A, Aosta is home to the Rector’s office and to the University Administration and is the teaching location of the Department of Human and Social Sciences courses:

  • Primary Education
  • Psychological Science and Techniques
  • Modern Languages for Business and Tourism
  • Lingue, culture e comunicazione per il turismo montano

It is also home to the University Language Centre and the University Library.


Grand Chemin, 73/75, Saint-Christophe is the teaching Location of the Department of Economics and Political Science courses:

  • Economics and Business Management
  • Political Science and International Relations
  • Economia e politiche del territorio e dell’impresa

It is also home to the University Language Centre/computer room and to the following offices: Admissions Office, Guidance Office, International Relations Office, and the Bursary.

Via Duca degli Abruzzi, 4 (former Hotel Ambassador) – Aosta is home to the University Administration (Finance, Human Resources and Property) and to various tenured teaching staff of the Department of Social Sciences and Humanities.