Communications and web Office

Summary of activity

This office plans and manages the realisation of:

  • Information and promotion material (publications, brochures, leaflets, posters and gadgets) and graphic design for events;
  • promotion campaigns;
  • trade shows and exhibitions.
The office handles:
  • media relations: press releases, interviews and press conferences;
  • the organisation of events (conferences, conventions and ceremonies) and special projects;
  • the University image (logo, the corporate image and its use);
  • protocol (visits, agreements, etc.);
  • patronage.
This office is also responsible for updating the University website.
To be specific, it performs the following tasks:
  • preparation and publication of content;
  • ensuring the site and information it contains are easily navigated;
  • study of the website’s graphic appearance and interfaces and preparation of the page layouts;
  • supervision of site content and information on guidelines for writing for the web;
  • website promotion: SEM/SEO;
  • support for other administrative offices that handle web content.
Staff and contact details

Chiara Grobberio
tel. 0039 0165 306725

Federica Rollandin
tel. 0039 0165 306716

Alice Dufour
tel. 0039 0165 306744