Student Council – Composition and main duties

The Student Council is a representative student body within the University. It can make proposals and acts as a consulting body for the University governing bodies.
It is composed of student representatives elected from the Department Boards.
The Student Council may formulate proposals to the competent bodies on the following matters:
  • Three-year development plan;
  • Annual teaching programmes;
  • University teaching regulations;
  • Tuition fees and service charges to be paid by students;
  • Financial aid.
Moreover, the Student Council may adopt a Student Charter of Rights and Responsibilities and submit it to the University Senate for approval.

Castiglioni Cathy, Primary Education;

Codini Fabio, Modern Languages for Business and Tourism;

Ercoli Alessio, Political Science and International Relations;

Lupi Federico, Psychological Science and Techniques;

Piperata Mattia, Economics and Business Management;

Toldo Denise, Lingue, culture e comunicazione per il turismo montano.