Laurea in Economics and Business Management

The course offers graduates employment opportunities in numerous areas:

  • in the field of enterprises, in different functional areas and in various capacities. A priority field is the tourist industry, whose fragmented structure, following the paths of growth and retraction that are characterising it, requires staff with qualified managerial skills;
  •  in the field of public administration, entities providing public services, non-profit organizations, and in various management areas (administration, finance, organization, external relations, etc.);
  • in institutions that are involved in various ways in the economic development of a specific territory or tourism district (research institutes, services to enterprises, local development agencies, chambers of commerce, trade associations, tourist boards, etc.) with management roles within the different operating areas;
  • in financial and consultancy services;
  • in the field of new companies and entrepreneurial start-ups.

The course prepares students to work as:

  • Entrepreneurs, proprietors and managers of small enterprises in the hotel and catering industry;
  • Market relations specialists;
  • Specialists in accountancy and financial issues;
  • Entrepreneurs, proprietors and managers of small industrial enterprises;
  •  Specialists in the management and control of private enterprises;
  • Entrepreneurs, proprietors and managers of small trading enterprises;
  • Specialists in management and control within the public administration.