Laurea in Political Science and International Relations

The degree course is designed to render its graduates competitive entrants into the following occupations in Aosta Valley, Italy and abroad:

  • In the private sector,  firms which operate internationally or who seek entry into international markets, especially those involved in communications (publishing, public relations, the staging of cultural events), as these require a well-rounded multidisciplinary background with fluency in French and English;
  • In the public sector, local, regional and national organizations hiring candidates with multidisciplinary skills in law and economics able to take full advantage of EU programmes and to keep public administration in line with constantly evolving regulatory frameworks, so as to make these organizations more efficient, cost-effective, and of greater impact;
  • International organizations, both public and private (NGO’s), such as EU bodies (e.g., under the European Parliament or the European Commission) or UN offices (especially those based in Switzerland) where graduates, with their specialization in law, economics and history blended into a multidisciplinary purview, furnish important resources for their versatility, along with an advanced level of secondary language acquisition.

 The course prepares students for employment as:

  • Administrative secretaries and general affairs experts;
  • Public relations experts;
  • professionals in the organization of trade fairs, conferences and the like;
  • Organisers of conferences and receptions.