An internship is a practical experience, which aims to provide a vocational aspect to studies and to facilitate career decisions through direct contact with the world of work. The legal framework for an internship is outlined in:

  • Law no. 196 of 24 June 1997, ‘Promotion of employment regulations’;
  • Ministerial decree no. 142 of March 1998, ‘Regulations containing the provisions for implementation of the principles and criteria as set forth in article 18 of law no. 196 of 24 June 1997, on internships’;
  • Decree law no. 138 of 13 August 2011, ‘Further urgent measures for economic stabilisation and development’.
The Università della Valle d’Aosta can organise internships for its students or graduates up to 12 months after graduation.
Each degree course has its own regulations regarding the recognition of internships.
In particular:
  • Students of Modern Languages for Business and Tourism: the internship is a compulsory part of the degree. It must take place abroad during the second semester of the third year; it must last for a period of at least 4 months and 400 hours and earn the student 16 Credits;
  • Students of Economics and Business Management: the internship may be chosen in the third year; it must last for a period of at least 4 months and 400 hours in order to be recognised by the Department and earn the student 18 Credits for optional activity;
  • Students of Political Sciences and International Relations: the internship is optional; it takes place in the third year and must last for a period of at least 2 months and 200 hours. It is at the discretion of the Department Board whether or not it is recognised as part of the student’s academic studies;
  • Students of Educational Sciences: the internship is held in the second year; it consists of an intensive experience of a period of at least 2 weeks at organisations and companies that work in the socio-educational sector and earns the student 3 Credits.