Post-graduate Psychology Traineeship

A compulsory traineeship is required for admittance to State Exams to professionally qualify as a graduate in Psychological Science and Techniques (section B of the professional register) and psychologist (section A of the professional register). This must last for a period of:

  • One semester, that is, 500 hours of activity, over one semester (corresponds to 20 ECTS Credits), in order to access section B of the professional register;
  • One year, that is, 1000 hours of activity, over one year (corresponds to 40 ECTS Credits), in order to access section A of the professional register.
The traineeship is intended to be an opportunity for the student to learn and develop professional skills and for the graduate to progressively become part of their professional community. This opportunity is founded on the clear educational value of direct experience, aided by expert professionals from the intern’s professional community, and above all makes it possible or at least facilitates achievement of the following objectives:
Integrate theory and practice;
  1. Learn procedures connected to knowledge of psychology;
  2. Begin supervised professional work;
  3. Become capable of reflecting on and discussing own work and that of others;
  4. Begin working in a specific professional sector with other people.
The traineeship must concern the applied aspects of one of the following areas:
  • Clinical psychology;
  • Psychology of development and education;
  • General psychology;
  • Social psychology and psychology of the workplace and organisations.